unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

General Properties:

a.Specify gravity1.42 gm / cm3

b.Water absorption4 gm / cm2

c.FlammabiltyWill not support combustion

Thermal Properties:

a.Softening point80 °C

b.Specific heat0.25 cal / °C

c.Thermal conductivity0.13 cal / cm-h-C

d.Coefficient of linear expansion6.7 x 10-5 °C

e.Elongation at break10-50%

Mechanical Properties:

a.Ultimate tensile strength475-525 kfg / cm2

b.Compressive strength670 kgf / cm2

c.Flexural strength950 kgf / cm2

d.Impact stregth4-4.5 joules

e.Modules of elasticity3.2 x 10kgf / cm

Electrical Properties:

a.Volume resistivity1014ohm / cm

b.Surface resistivity1012ohm / cm

c.Power factor (at 10 cycles)3.0

PVC is a non conductor of electricity and also non subject to galvanic of eletrolytic attack. Electrical equipments should not be earthened to (PVC) pipes.


White (other colors are available on request).